Cancer Risk from Exposure to Plutonium and Uranium

Draft document: Cancer Risk from Exposure to Plutonium and Uranium
Submitted by Robert Drollinger, Disabled Veteran
Commenting as an individual

I was in the Naval Nuclear Power Program and during one of my deployments I had to do a freeze seal watch on primary coolant system above the reactor. This was in 1983, by 1988 I had developed skin tags, hemorrhoids, chronic prostatitis and joint pain in hands, by 1993 my knees as well, now in 2019 I was diagnosed with multiple myeloma ( I suspect it was smouldering for the duration as symptoms include joint/bone pain) which manifested itself as a plasma cell neoplasm on my left testicle ( very rare as usually on bone not soft tissue) I would love to contact one of your experts on radiation exposure and effects on human body. I had received 100 mRem in 4 hours as per my TLD which was on my waist, shielded by 25 cm of my pelvic by my calculations is 1/100 of the intensity recieved to my butt and scrotum. Please contact me!