Task Group 79
The Use of Effective Dose as a Risk Related Radiological Protection Quantity

A Task Group under Committee 2

The Task Group on Effective Dose will produce a report to provide guidance on when the quantity ‘effective dose’ can be used and when it should not. Experience has shown that ‘effective dose’, which has been defined and introduced by ICRP for risk management purposes, i.e. for risk limitation and optimization, is widely used in radiological protection and related fields beyond its original purpose, incorrectly in some cases. Useful guidance on restrictions on the use of the quantity is provided by Committee 2 in annex B to the main recommendations. This guidance needs to be further expanded, and proposals made for the control of exposures and risk management in situations where ‘effective dose’ should not be used. Specific advice on the use of dose coefficients may also be given.


An important focus of the report will be medical exposures. The use of ‘effective dose’ for patient exposures is problematic particularly when it is used to assess risk in specific individuals, including children. However, effective dose may be a useful tool for comparisons of, for example, different diagnostic examinations and interventional procedures, the use of different technologies for the same medical examinations, and the use of similar technologies and procedures in different hospitals and countries. 


John D. Harrison (Chair), Oxford Brookes University and Public Health England, UNITED KINGDOM
Mikhail Balonov (Member), Institute of Radiation Hygiene, USSR/Russian Federation
Franois Bochud (Member), IRA CHUV, Switzerland
Wesley E. Bolch (Member), University of Florida, USA
John R. Cooper (Member), UNITED KINGDOM
Pedro Ortiz Lopez (Member), Austria
Colin Martin (Member), University of Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
Hans-Georg Menzel (Member), CERN (retired), Germany
Jane Simmonds (Member), Public Health England (PHE), UNITED KINGDOM
Rebecca Smith-Bindman (Member), University of California San Francisco, USA
Christian Streffer (Member), Germany
Richard Wakeford (Member), The University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM