Optimisation of Radiological Protection in Digital Radiology Techniques for Medical Imaging

The consultation period ended October 28, 2022

Draft Document


 Name OrganisationDate
ViewAndrea Magistrellias an individualRadiologist, Children's Hospital Bambino Gesu' IRCCS, ItalyFri Oct 28 15:28:16 UTC+0200 2022
ViewMrs Sharan Packeron behalf ofSociety for Radiological ProtectionFri Oct 28 01:12:01 UTC+0200 2022
ViewPieternel van der Tolon behalf ofNVKF (Society for Medical Physics in the Netherlands)Thu Oct 27 21:19:30 UTC+0200 2022
ViewCarlo Cavedonon behalf ofAssociazione Italiana di Fisica Medica e Sanitaria (AIFM)Thu Oct 27 14:43:51 UTC+0200 2022
ViewLorenzo Nicola Mazzonion behalf ofEuropean Federation of Organisations for Medical Physics (EFOMP)Thu Oct 27 06:58:01 UTC+0200 2022
ViewMrs Lynda Johnsonon behalf ofSociety and College of RadiographersWed Oct 26 17:18:23 UTC+0200 2022
ViewLeontine Boudewijnson behalf ofDutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM)Wed Oct 26 15:17:54 UTC+0200 2022
ViewJaiki Leeas an individualKorean Association for Radiation ProtectionThu Oct 13 04:59:50 UTC+0200 2022
ViewDonald P. Frushon behalf ofthe Image Gently Alliance Steering CommitteeThu Oct 6 18:04:30 UTC+0200 2022
ViewStewarton behalf ofInternational Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists (ISRRT)Thu Sep 22 16:03:17 UTC+0200 2022