Committee 1
Radiation Effects



Committee 1 considers the effects of radiation action from the subcellular to population and ecosystem levels, including the induction of cancer, heritable and other diseases, impairment of tissue/organ function and developmental defects, and assesses implications for protection of people and the environment.

Back Row (L-R): Quanfu Sun (China)Mikhail Sokolnikov (Russian Federation), Michael Hauptmann (Netherlands), Andrzej Wojcik (Vice Chair, Sweden), Richard Wakeford (United Kingdom)

Front Row (L-R): Kazuo Sakai (Japan), Kotaro Ozasa (Japan), Gayle Woloschak (United States), Werner Ruhm (Chair, Germany), Tamara Azizova (Russian Federation), Jacqueline Garnier-Lapace (Secretary, France), Sisko Salomaa (Finland),  NOT PICTURED: Dan Stram (United States), Preetha Rajaraman (India)  

Summaries of Committee 1 Meetings:

Werner Rhm (Chair), Helmholtz Zentrum Mnchen, Germany
Andrzej Wojcik (Vice-Chair), Centre for Radiation Protection Research, Stockholm University, Sweden
Jacqueline Garnier-Laplace (Secretary), OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA), FRANCE
Tamara Azizova (Member), Southern Urals Biophysics Institute, Russian Federation
Michael Hauptmann (Member), Brandenburg Medical School Theodor Fontane, Germany
Kotaro Ozasa (Member), Radiation Effects Research Foundation, JAPAN
Preetha Rajaraman (Member), Department of Health and Human Services, USA
Kazuo Sakai (Member), Tokyo Healthcare University, Japan
Sisko Salomaa (Member), Radiation and Nuclear Safety Authority (STUK), Finland
Mikhail Sokolnikov (Member), Southern Ural Biophysics Institute, Russian Federation
Dan Stram (Member), University of Southern California, USA
Quanfu Sun (Member), National Institute for Radiological Protection, CHINA
Richard Wakeford (Member), The University of Manchester, UNITED KINGDOM
Gayle Woloschak (Member), Northwestern University, USA

Active Task Groups under Committee 1

Task Group 64
Cancer Risk from Alpha Emitters
Task Group 91
Radiation Risk Inference at Low-dose and Low-dose Rate Exposure for Radiological Protection Purposes
Task Group 99
Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs) Monographs
Task Group 102
Detriment Calculation Methodology
Task Group 111
Factors Governing the Individual Response of Humans to Ionising Radiation
Task Group 115
Risk and Dose Assessment for Radiological Protection of Astronauts
Task Group 118
Relative Biological Effectiveness (RBE), Quality Factor (Q), and Radiation Weighting Factor (wR)
Task Group 119
Effects of Ionising Radiation on Diseases of the Circulatory System and their Consideration in the System of Radiological Protection