Committee 3
Radiological Protection in Medicine



Committee 3 addresses protection of persons and unborn children when ionising radiation is used in medical diagnosis, therapy, and biomedical research, as well as protection in veterinary medicine.

Back Row (L-R): Keon Kang (South Korea), Sandor Demeter (Canada), David Sutton (United Kingdom), Reinhard Loose (Germany), Lodewijk van Bladel (Belgium), Yantao Niu (China) 

Front Row (L-R):  William Small (United States), Colin Martin (Vice Chair, United Kingdom), Kimberly Applegate (Chair, United States), Madan Rehani (Secretary, United States), Josep Marti-Climent (Spain)Makato Hosono (Japan) NOT PICTURED: Marie-Claire Cantone (Italy), Michel Bourguignon (France), Jamila Alsuwaidi (UAE), Claudia Reube (Germany)

Summaries of Committee 3 Meetings:

Kimberly Applegate (Chair), University of Kentucky COM (retired), USA
Colin Martin (Vice-Chair), University of Glasgow, UNITED KINGDOM
Madan M. Rehani (Secretary), Massachusetts General Hospital , USA
Jamila Salem Alsuwaidi (Member), Dubai Health Authority (DHA), United Arab Emirates
Michel Bourguignon (Member), University Paris Saclay (UVSQ), FRANCE
Marie-Claire Cantone (Member), University of Milan, Italy
Sandor Demeter (Member), University of Manitoba, CANADA
Makoto Hosono (Member), Kindai University, Japan
Keon Kang (Member), Seoul National University, Korea
Reinhard Loose (Member), Hospital Nuremberg, Germany
Josep M Mart-Climent (Member), Clnica Universidad de Navarra, SPAIN
Yantao Niu (Member), China
Claudia E. Ruebe (Member), Saarland University, GERMANY
William Small (Member), USA
David Sutton (Member), NHS Tayside / University of Dundee, UNITED KINGDOM
Lodewijk Van Bladel (Member), BELGIUM
Sren Mattsson (Member emeritus), Skne University Hospital Malm and Lund University, Sweden
Marvin Rosenstein (Member emeritus), USA

Active Task Groups under Committee 3

Task Group 36
Radiation Dose to Patients in Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine
Task Group 89
Occupational Radiological Protection in Brachytherapy
Task Group 108
Optimisation of Radiological Protection in Digital Radiography, Fluoroscopy, and CT in Medical Imaging
Task Group 109
Ethics in Radiological Protection for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
Task Group 110
Radiological Protection in Veterinary Practice
Task Group 111
Factors Governing the Individual Response of Humans to Ionising Radiation
Task Group 113
Reference Organ and Effective Dose Coefficients for Common Diagnostic X-ray Imaging Examinations
Task Group 116
Radiological Protection Aspects of Imaging in Radiotherapy
Task Group 117
Radiological Protection in PET and PET/CT