Radiological Protection in PET and PET/CT

Draft document: Radiological Protection in PET and PET/CT
Submitted by Ccile Challeton-de Vathaire, IRSN
Commenting as an individual

line 3385 (336):

IAEA RS-G-1.2 was superseded by IAEA GSG-7 and appendix I of IAEA RS-G-1.2 in wich the decision factor was defined was not retained in IAEA GSG-7 (the term "decision factor" does not appear in IAEA GSG-7). 

 line 4197 (430):

- Considering the reference to IAEA 1999, see the comment above.

- Reference to ISO 16637 could be added after the first or the second sentence "ISO 16637 provides requirements and guidance on monitoring and internal dosimetry for nuclear medicine department staff involved in radiopharmaceutical synthesis and in patient management". 

- Proposition to precise the first part of the third sentence: "If internal contamination is confirmed, once the activity retained or excreted (and the timing of the incorporation) is known, an estimate..."