Radiological Protection in PET and PET/CT

Draft document: Radiological Protection in PET and PET/CT
Submitted by Irene Mbutu-Austin , King's College London
Commenting as an individual

I am a nuclear medicine technologist and been in the field for over 20years.

I am currently doing my PhD looking at biomarkers of radiation exposure by drawing technologists blood and testing the lymphocytes for DNA and chromosomal damage compared to controls not working with radiation.Would it be possible to consider addition of periodic biomarkers tests in PET technologists? Dosemeter readings are based on placement and diligence in wearing. Finger doses are underestimated and eye doses are not measured. 

While analysing exposure readings, the difference in finger doses between manual and automated dispensing and injection is significant. Is there scope to require PET departments especially high volume ones to have automated dispensing and injection equipment? 

Here in the UK technologists are not registered with the health and care professions  council leading to departments hiring radiographers who are HCPC registered because of the CT component of PET. We have full degrees in nuclear medicine with all the added knowledge of radiation protection (very different to what general radiology are used to) and yet I am now being phased out of my profession. Some places are training technologists in CT and contrast and it would be more beneficial to upskill us by giving extra training than to push us aside.