Task Group 72
RBE and Reference Animals and Plants

A Task Group under Main Commission

Purpose and objective: Collect, review and summarize studies that allow the derivation of radiation weighting factors for alpha- and beta radiation for application in dose assessment for Reference Animals and Plants (RAPs). The uncertainty associated with RWF should be specified, taking into account different endpoints that are relevant for dosimetry of biota (morbidity, mortality, fertility, mutation). The limitation of the values should be discussed, the derived values should be justified.

Kathryn A Higley (Chair), Oregon State University, USA
Douglas Chambers (Member), SENES (now ARCADIS), Canada
Jolyon H. Hendry (Member), UNITED KINGDOM
David C. Kocher (Member), SENES, USA
Francois Paquet (Member), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Almudena Real (Member), CIEMAT, Spain