Task Group 102
Detriment Calculation Methodology

A Task Group under Committee 1

Radiation detriment is a concept used to quantify the overall harm to health from stochastic effects of low-level radiation exposure of different parts of the body. The tissue-specific detriment is determined from the nominal tissue-specific risk coefficient, weighted by the severity of the disease in terms of lethality, impact on quality of life and years of life lost. Total detriment is the sum of the detriments for separate tissues and organs. Detriment values are used to specify tissue weighting factors used in the calculation of effective dose.

Calculating radiation detriment is a complex process that requires information from various sources and judgements on how the calculations are best performed. The current methodology is outlined in Annex A of ICRP Publication 103, but it is possible that future interpretation of available data, including the calculation of detriment from cancer incidence data, will apply revised methodology and different judgements in the light of developing evidence and understanding. To form a solid basis for future recommendations, the process of detriment calculation will be reviewed and documented in a reproducible manner, considering ways in which different approaches might be applied when new data become available.

Work-in-progress has been published by members of this Task Group:

Cléro et al. (2019) History of radiation detriment and its calculation methodology used in ICRP Publication 103. J. Radiol. Prot. 39, R19-R35
Zhang et al. (2020) Sensitivity analysis of parameters and methodological choices used in calculation of radiation detriment for solid cancer. Int. J. Rad. Biol. 96(5), 596-605

Nobuhiko Ban (Chair), Nuclear Regulation Authority, Japan
Tamara Azizova (Member), Southern Urals Biophysics Institute, Russian Federation
Simon Bouffler (Member), UK Health Security Agency, United Kingdom
Enora Clro (Member), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Donald A. Cool (Member), USA
Nobuyuki Hamada (Member), CRIEPI, Japan
John D. Harrison (Member), Oxford Brookes University and Public Health England, United Kingdom
Dominique Laurier (Member), French Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), France
Dale Preston (Member), Hirosoft, USA
Ludovic Vaillant (Member), CEPN, France
Wei Zhang (Member), PHE, United Kingdom