Win Thuzar

Scientific Secretariat, Intern (2024/05/24 - )

Nagasaki University


WIN THUZAR, originally from Myanmar, is a third-year PhD student in Advanced Preventive Medical Science at Nagasaki University (NU), Japan. With a background in Nuclear Engineering from Myanmar and a Joint Master's in Disaster and Radiation Medical Science from NU, Win's research focuses on the human aspects of radiological protection in the recovery phase after a nuclear accident. Currently investigating the post-Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Accident recovery efforts based on surveys conducted among affected residents by NU, her work aims to contribute to the development of a radiological protection culture. Her research draws lessons on the sustainability of the recovery process related to the radiological situation, as well as the health, societal, and economic consequences of the accident. She started her internship under the ICRP Scientific Secretariat on 24 May 2024.