Joint RERF-ICRP Workshop on Health Risk of Radiation and the System of Radiological Protection

The University of Tokyo, Japan
Sunday, October 9, 2016


Opening Address

Christopher Clement (ICRP)

Session 1: Risk of hereditary effects

Chair: Yoshiya Shimada (NIRS)

Hereditary effects of radiation in men and in mice
Nori Nakamura (RERF)

Session 2: Dose response of radiation associated cancer and DDREF

Chairs: Ludovic Vaillant (CEPN), Michiaki Kai (ICRP)

Dose response of solid cancer in atomic bomb survivors
Eric Grant (RERF)

Current ICRP stance on DDREF
Werner Ruehm (ICRP)

Session 3: Risk of non-cancer: current controversy on the disease type

Chairs: Kazunori Kodama (RERF), Mark Little (NCI)

Current research on non-cancer diseases in atomic bomb survivors
Kotaro Ozasa (RERF)

Circulatory disease in Mayak workers
Tamara Azizova (ICRP)

Round table discussion on Futures of Health Risk Research and the System of Radiological Protection

Future of radiation research at RERF
Robert Ullrich (RERF)

Future of radiation protection
Nobuhiko Ban (ICRP)