The Future of Radiological Protection


Welcome to the Archive of the Future of Radiological Protection Digital Workshop

ICRP is comprised of over 250 of the world’s leading radiation experts. We are the “keepers” of the System of Radiological Protection, but the System exists for those who use it to protect patients, workers, the public, and the environment. Collaboration with the people it impacts the most is essential.

Over the next decade, we will work together to develop the next general recommendations that will shape radiation-related policy, practice, guidelines, and regulations around the world.

The Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit For Purpose paper is a key step in that process. Through many conversations over the last couple of years and ICRP experience, this paper summarises the topics being considered for the future of RP.

This workshop created an opportunity to engage in the review and revision of the System of Radiological Protection, in particular based on two open-access papers recently published by ICRP:



The digital workshop took place 14 October to 3 November 2021. It included two Live Sessions per day, on 19-20 October 2021. In addition, 43 On-demand Presentations were available from 14 October 2021 until 3 November 2021, inclusive. It is summarised in the open-access paper below, and below you will find the recordings of all sessions, and on-demand presentations.






The Big Picture

Moderator: Christopher Clement


Review & Revision of the System of RP
Werner Rühm, ICRP

Working Together on Development of International Guidance Documents in Radiation Safety
Miroslav Pinak, IAEA

IRPA Perspective on the Review of the System of Radiological Protection
Sigurður Magnússon, IRPA

What Should be the Role of Higher Education in the Future of Radiological Protection?
Kathryn Higley, USA

Keeping the ICRP Recommendations Fit For Purpose and the Need for a Global North-South Collaboration
Flavious Bobuin Nkubli, Nigeria


Risks & Effects

Moderator: Dominique Laurier


Revisiting Next Generation Effects of Ionizing Radiation
John Mathews, Australia

Possible Improvements of Methodology for Calculating Radiation Detriment in the Future
Nobuhiko Ban, Japan

Reducing Uncertainties in Low Dose/Low Dose Rate Health Risks Requires International Networking in Research Implementation and Its Communication to Stakeholders
Jacqueline Garnier-Laplace, NEA

A Proposal for the Application of Mathematical Models That Accurately Approximate Measured Data to Radiation Protection
Yuichi Tsunoyama, Japan

What is Needed to Keep ICRP Recommendations Fit for Future?
Klaus Trott, Germany


RP Concepts

Moderator: Donald Cool


Consistency and Complementarity of Ethical Values Across the System and Practice of Radiological Protection
Nicole Martinez, USA

Summary of the Third SFRP/IRPA Workshop on the Application of the Concept of Tolerability
Jean-François Lecomte, France

The Need to Review Low-Dose Decision-Making in Radiation Protection
Roger Coates, UK

Application of the Graded Approach for the Radiation Protection of Workers: Examples and Reflexions From European ALARA Networks
Sylvain Andresz, France

Prospects on the ICRP Paradigm for Radiological Protection
Abel Gonzalez, Argentina


Application & Practice

Moderator: Thierry Schneider


Updating the ICRP’S Recommendations: A Practitioners Perspective
Douglas Chambers, Canada

The Need for Bridging the Gaps Between Theory and Practice: An Authority's Perspective in Some Identified Areas
Nina Cromnier, Sweden

ICRP Publication 103 and Authorization and Inspection Processes
Helena Janzekovic, Slovenia

Education and Training in Radiation Protection: Bridging the Gap to Keep ICRP Recommendations Fit For Purpose
Dlama Zira Joseph, Nigeria

ICRP and a Century of Governance and Ethics for Radiation Protection in Medicine
Jim Malone, Ireland






Thank you to those individuals and organisations who provided Global Support for this workshop! Your generosity and leadership have made this workshop accessible and inclusive for all.

Wesley Bolch
United States

Michael Boyd
United States

Chanhyeong Kim
Republic of Korea

Andrea Magistrelli

Werner Rühm

Dave Tucker

Robert Walker

Marie-Claire Cantone

Christopher Clement

Daniele Giuffrida
United Arab Emirates