Introducing ICRP Publication 153:

Radiological Protection in Veterinary Practice

11 September 2023  |  Virtual Event

Over the next decade, ICRP will be hosting several Digital Events each year as we look to review and revise the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation. 


Veterinary use of radiation in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of disease has expanded and diversified considerably, as have the corresponding radiological protection concerns. Radiological exposure of personnel involved in veterinary procedures and, where applicable, members of the public, has always been included within the system of radiological protection, but now veterinary practice is explicitly addressed as the modern complexities associated with this practice warrant dedicated consideration.

The recently released Publication 153, intended for a wide-ranging audience, provides an initial set of relevant observations, considerations, and general recommendations related to radiological protection in veterinary practice. The webinar will provide an overview of Publication 153, highlighting some of the unique aspects and challenges of radiological protection in veterinary practice and how veterinary applications of ionising radiation fit within the System of Radiological Protection. It will also include a new, dedicated discussion of animal patients.






Nicole Martinez (ICRP/Clemson University, USA)
Overview of Publication 153
Anthony Davila (ICRP/Tulane University, USA)


Unique Aspects of Radiological Protection in Veterinary Practice
Nicole Martinez (ICRP/Clemson University, USA)


Radiological Protection of the Animal Patient
Åste Søvik (ICRP/Under Pelsen AS, Norway)