ICRP Publication 76

Protection from Potential Exposures - Application to Selected Radiation Sources

Recommended citation
ICRP, 1997. Protection from Potential Exposures - Application to Selected Radiation Sources. ICRP Publication 76. Ann. ICRP 27 (2).

Abstract - ICRP Publication 76 develops the principles outlined in ICRP Publication 60 and elaborates on the concepts in ICRP Publication 64 concerning protection from potential exposure. It deals with such potential exposure primarily affecting individuals who are also subject to exposures in normal practices, either occupationally, as members of the public, or as patients. Thus, in simple terms, it deals with common smaller accidents. Such cases are conceptually less complicated than potential exposure affecting large numbers of people, such as nuclear disasters, or potential exposure that could occur far into the future, for instance from deep repositories for waste disposal. However, the problems discussed in the report need to be dealt with more frequently in practical situations and not least in optimisation. The report contains much hands-on practical example material, and should be useful in all workplaces, where it can help bridge any gap between safety and protection.

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