International Symposia on the System of Radiological Protection

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For its 4th International Symposium on the System of Radiological Protection, ICRP joined forces with the 2nd European Radiological Protection Research Week (ERPW), to collaborate closely with the five European research platforms: ALLIANCE, EURADOS, EURAMED, MELODI, and NERIS. ICRP-ERPW 2017 attracted more than 500 participants from 42 countries.

ICRP 2017 consisted of five topical sessions on key issues in radiological protection: Advances in Dose Coefficients (with EURADOS); Effects, Risks, and Detriment at Low Dose and Low Dose-Rate (with MELODI); Advanced Radiotherapy (with EURAMED); Post-Accident Recovery (with NERIS); and, Integrated Protection of People and the Environment (with ALLIANCE).



Information from the ERPW sessions will be available through the websites of the European platforms:


Meetings of the ICRP Main Commission and Committees were held in conjunction with the symposium. Summaries of these meetings are below:




ICRP 2017 and the 2nd ERPW would not have been possible without the generosity of the host, IRSN, and the many organisations providing financial support.