Task Group 124 Workshop

Application of Justification Principle: Setting the Scene

15-16 May 2023  |  Virtual Event

Over the next decade, ICRP will be hosting several Digital Events each year as we look to review and revise the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation. 


The principle of justification is intended to ensure the net benefit of a proposed activity that would alter radiation exposure. While the concept is simple to understand, its application, including the basis for judgements and the process for reaching a decision, is not straightforward. ICRP Task Group 124 is deliberating on practical application of the principle of justification. It has started a discussion on what kind of exposure scenarios need particular attention. This workshop is aimed at deepening the discussion by sharing experiences and insights with a wide range of participants who are interested in the issue.

15 MAY 2023
Session 1 & Session 2


Nobuhiko Ban (ICRP/NRA Japan)


Session 1
Planned Exposure Situation: Medical Application
Moderator: Kimberly Applegate (ICRP/University of Kentucky COM)


Session 2
Planned Exposure Situation: Non-Medical Sector
Moderator: Andy Mayall (ICRP/EA UK)
16 MAY 2023
Session 3 & Session 4


Session 3
Emergency Exposure Situation
Moderator: Jessica Callen-Kovtunova (ICRP/IRS Germany)


Session 4
Existing Exposure Situation
Moderator: Mika Markkanen (ICRP/STUK)


Nobuhiko Ban (ICRP/NRA Japan)