Task Group 95 Webinar

Presenting Report on Production of Dose Coefficients For the Assessment of Internal Exposure of Workers and Members of the Public

6 December 2023  |  13:00 - 15:30 (GMT)  |  Virtual Event

Over the next decade, ICRP will be hosting several Digital Events each year as we look to review and revise the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation. 



The objectives of TG 95 from ICRP are to revise the ICRP 30 and ICRP 56 Publications series on dose coefficients after internal exposure. The deliverables are report series providing revised dose coefficients for occupational (OIR) and public intake of radionuclides (EIR).

The work initiated these last few years was dedicated to the revision of the biokinetic models following inhalation and ingestion of different chemical forms of elements and their radioisotopes by workers. Revisions have also been made on many models for the systemic biokinetics of radionuclides absorbed to blood, making them more physiologically realistic representations of uptake and retention in organs and tissues and of excretion. All these data were published in the OIR reports together with new dose coefficients and data for the interpretation of bioassay measurements. Five reports were published (ICRP Publication 130, 134, 137, 141, 151), covering every element considered in ICRP publication 107 on nuclear decay data (ICRP, 2018).

The ongoing work of the TG addresses the need to revise the biokinetic and dosimetric models for the members of the public. The TG therefore adapts the biokinetic models developed in the workers series to take into account specific chemical forms from the environment and different age groups. Similarly to the OIR Series, the TG produces dose coefficients for easy calculation of dose after intake at different age, including nursing infant, embryo and fetus. 






Introduction and Objectives of the Meeting
Francois Paquet (ICRP/IRSN, France)

The Fundamentals of Internal Dosimetry
Derek Jokisch (ICRP/Francis Marion University, USA)

The Rationale for the OIR and EIR Series
Francois Paquet (ICRP/IRSN, France)

Main Characteristics of the Human Respiratory Tract Model Used in the OIR and EIR Series
Demetrio Gregoratto (ICRP/UK Health Security Agency, UK)

The Biokinetic Model for Iodine
Volodymyr Berkovskyy (ICRP/RPI/NRCRM, Ukraine)

The Biokinetic Model for Caesium
Rich W Leggett (ICRP/Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA)

Examples of New Dose Coefficients and Differences with Previous Recommendations
Tracy Smith (ICRP/UK Health Security Agency, UK)

The Use of Data Viewer
Volodymyr Berkovskyy (ICRP/RPI/NRCRM, Ukraine)