50 Years of ICRP for Free


As a step towards making our publications more accessible, the first 50 years of ICRP publications are now available free to download. These range from the Initial Recommendations for X-Ray and Radium Protection written in 1928 and published in 1929 by the newly established International X-Ray and Radium Protection Committee (later renamed the International Commission on Radiological Protection - ICRP) to ICRP Publication 28 Principles for Handling Emergency and Accidental Exposures of Workers, published in 1978.  Notably, the free downloads include the first nine of our twelve "fundamental recommendations", describing the entire system of radiological protection: the pre-annals recommendations, and ICRP Publications 1, 9 and 26.

To access these publications go to the ICRP Publications page and look for the "(FREE PDF)" links. Or, from the SAGE websitefind the publication you are looking for, and select "Cover to Cover PDF".

We want to make more of our publications available free of charge, and are working hard to raise the necessary financial support to do so. Our Advancing Together campaign has three core priorities, to: 

  • Maintain and improve the system of radiological protection,
  • Broaden awareness of radiological protection and access to ICRP recommendations and publications, and 
  • Increase engagement with professionals, policy-makers and the interested public. 

If you or your organisation have any questions about Advancing Together, or if you would like to hear more about how you can support our aims, please contact Christopher Clement, ICRP Scientific Secretary, at sci.sec@icrp.org.