ICRP Statement on the Conflict in Ukraine


Our thoughts are with all those impacted by the conflict in Ukraine. The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), like others, is closely following the situation and is concerned about the possibility of harm related to loss of control of nuclear installations and radiation sources.

ICRP is a non-governmental organisation operating internationally to promote radiological protection for the public benefit, formally a charity registered with the Charity Commission forEngland and Wales (registration 1166304). Our mission aims to protect patients, workers, members of the public, and the environment world-wide from harmful effects of exposure to ionising radiation.

Our approximately 300 members come from more than 40 countries (including Ukraine and the Russian Federation), working with ICRP as independent experts, representing neither their employers nor their governments. In the interest of the public benefit for people and the environment in all parts of the world, ICRP collaborates to the extent possible with all our members and other independent experts, while respecting limitations that may be imposed on them by their governments or employers.

As a charity, ICRP relies on regular financial support from many sources, most from governments. An important part of ICRP’s regular budget supports the cost of meetings of our members and with other organisations.

ICRP recognises the broad international consensus deploring ‘the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine’ reflected in the United Nations General Assembly Resolution ES-11/1 on 2 March 2022, and international financial sanctions now in place. Consequently, for the time being, ICRP will not expend funds in the Russian Federation or Belarus, accept funds from Russian or Belarusian institutions, or provide financial support for individuals employed by those institutions.

Nonetheless, ICRP encourages all our members and other independent experts to continue to engage in the important work of ICRP for the global public benefit. In doing so, we follow our Code of Ethics emphasising our commitment to public benefit, independence, impartiality, transparency, and accountability while maintaining a respectful dialogue.