Latest ICRP Publications Now Available in Japanese


As part of an ongoing effort to translate several ICRP Publications to their native language, two more publications have been released by a team of organisations in Japan.  ICRP Publication 125 on Radiological Protection in Security Screening, as well as Publication 132 on Radiological Protection from Cosmic Radiation in Aviation can both be accessed in Japanese on our website.  Click the respective link to view the translated document.

ICRP extends its sincerest gratitude to the Japanese Translation Committee of ICRP Publications for their continued support in making these publications readily available.  Organised by the Nuclear Safety Research Association (NSRA) and under contract with the Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority, the Translation Committee will continue their great work for years to come.  In doing so, these organisations play an integral role in ICRP’s priority to increase access and engagement around the world.  Please subscribe to to receive updates on future releases.

Questions and Inquiries can be directed to Kelsey Cloutier, Development and Communication Manager for ICRP.