ICRP Emeritus Member Eliseo Vano Carruana Helps Strengthen RP in Medicine in Chile


From 2-8 April 2019, former ICRP Main Commission member and current emeritus member Eliseo Vaño Carruana participated in a series of scientific and academic events in Santiago and Arica, Chile.

Organised by the The University of Tarapacá, through its Faculty of Health Sciences (FACSAL), some of the main activities included:


- Coordination workshop of the "Optimisation of Pediatric Intervention in Latin America and the Caribbean"

- Seminar on the "Art State and Radiologial Protection Challenges in Radiodiagnostic and Interventionist Procedures for Chile"

- Seminar on "Radiological Protection in Cardiac Imaging Procedures"

- Establishing a Masters Degree program in Medical Physics, set to commence in April 2020


Those looking for further information on this visit can find more detailed summaries on the The University of Tarapacá's website, as well as the Faculty of Medicine's area on the University of Desarrollo's website.

For inquiries, please contact Kelsey Cloutier, ICRP's Development and Communications Manager.