2023 Bo Lindell Medal Winner: Ludovic Vaillant


ICRP is pleased to announce that the 2023 recipient of the Bo Lindell Medal for the Promotion of Radiological Protection is Ludovic Vaillant from Le Centre d'étude sur l'Évaluation de la Protection dans le domaine Nucléaire (CEPN) in France.

“It is a great honour to be associated with Bo Lindell, a giant of our profession, and to receive this award. I would like to thank the ICRP Main Commission members and my colleagues at CEPN, especially Jacques Lochard and Thierry Schneider, as well as CEPN board members. The ICRP System of Radiological Protection is robust and provides an adequate level of protection in most situations. It is nevertheless important to consider the evolution of scientific knowledge as well as societal expectations and lessons learnt from practical experiences. The ICRP has launched a revision of its general recommendations, and I hope to contribute, as much as possible, to this process over the coming decade”.

Ludovic Vaillant is a chemical engineer by trade, graduating from Chimie PariTech in 2001.  He joined CEPN after graduation, starting his career as a Junior Researcher. He was involved in various projects dealing with the assessment of nuclear fuel cycle external costs, occupational exposures management in nuclear facilities, radioactive waste management, and recycling of radioactive materials. Now a project manager at CEPN, Ludovic has led numerous projects dealing with the practical implementation of the principle of optimisation of radiological protection in the nuclear industry. He supports a graded, holistic, all-hazard and pragmatic approach of radiological protection. He also sits on the board of the French Radiation Protection Society (Société Française de Radioprotection, SFRP).

Ludovic has been progressively involved in ICRP reflections and reports which include LNT hypothesis, calculation of radiological detriment, construction of the effective dose, reasonableness, and protection of the environment. His work and engagement have been strongly supported and influenced by Jacques Lochard and Thierry Schneider. He has been a member of ICRP Committee 1 since 1 July 2021, and involved in several Task Groups including 98, 115, 119, 122 and 123.  He also is one of the co-authors of ICRP Publication 152 on Radiation Detriment Calculation Methodology.

ICRP, and its Main Commission, Scientific Secretariat, Committees, and Task Groups, congratulate Ludovic Vaillant on this well-deserved honour, and look forward to his continued contributions and efforts to the field of radiological protection.  He will receive the Bo Lindell Medal before delivering a keynote address at ICRP 2023 in Tokyo, Japan 6-9 November 2023.