Proceedings of the ICRP Dialogue Initiative Now Available


ICRP is pleased to annouce that the Proceedings of the International Workshop on the Fukushima Dialogue Initiative are now available on the Sage Website.

With focus on the rehabilitation of living conditions after the nuclear accident in 2011, the meetings in December 2015 are now free-to-access.

The objective of the workshop was to share the experiences and main lessons of the ICRP Fukushima Dialogue inititiave, focusing on the 12 main dialogue meetings held between November 2011 and September of 2015 at various locations in Fukushima Prefecture.

Further information about ICRP and Fukushima, outside of this publication, can be found on

The workshop was organised by ICRP, hosted by Date City, and held in co-operation with a large and diverse set of organisations: Ethos in Fukushima, French Institute of Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety*, French Nuclear Safety Authority*, Fukushima Medical University, Fukushima Prefecture, Japan Health Physics Society, Japanese Cabinet Office (Support Team for Residents Affected by Nuclear Incidents), Japanese Nuclear Regulation Authority, Ministry of the Environment of Japan, The Nippon Foundation*, Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority*, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency*, and Radiation Safety Forum Japan (those marked with an asterisk also provided the financial support necessary to make this event a reality, and the resulting proceedings freely available).  Special thanks to all involved.