ICRP Announces Committee Membership for 2017-2021


In December 2016, ICRP advertised an open call for nominations for Committee membership for the coming term. A large number of excellent nominations were received, each of which was considered carefully by all Main Commission members. We sincerely thank everyone who was nominated for their interest in ICRP.

Last May, the Main Commission voted to select those to be invited to be Committee members for the July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2021 term. Invitations were sent, as were letters of thanks to those who were not elected. Those not elected will be considered when looking for specific expertise for ICRP Task Groups.

It is with great enthusiasm that we welcome and congratulate the following individuals who have accepted their invitations to join an ICRP Committee:

            Committee 1 (Radiation Effects)

-          Werner Rühm (Chair)

-          Tamara Azizova

-          Ranajit Chakraborty

-          Wolfgang Dörr

-          Jaqueline Garnier-Laplace

-          Michael Hauptmann

-          Kotaro Ozasa

  Preetha Rajarama

-          Kazuo Sakai

-          Sisko Salomaa

-          Mikhail Sokolnikov

-          Daniel Stram

-          Quanfu Sun

-          Richard Wakeford

-          Andrzej Wojcik

-          Gayle Woloschak

Committee 2 (Doses from Radiation Exposure)

-          John Harrison (Chair)

-          Volodymyr Berkovski

-          Eric Blanchardon

-          Wesley Bolch

-          François Paquet

-          Augusto Giussani

-          Nina Petoussi-Henß

-          Derek Jokisch

-          Chan Hyeong Kim

-          Rich Leggett

-          Maria Lopez

-          Junli Li

-          Tatsuhiko Sato

-          Tracy Smith

-          Alexander Ulanowski

-          Frank Wissmann

Committee 3 (Protection in Medicine)

-          Donald Miller (Chair)

-          Jamila Al Suwaidi

-          Kimberly Applegate

-          Michel Bourguignon

-          Marie-Claire Cantone

-          Sandor Demeter

-          Makoto Hosono

-          Keon Wook Kang

-          Reinhard Loose

-          Josep Martí-Climent

-          Colin Martin

-          Yantao Niu

-          Madan Rehani

-          William Small

-          David Sutton

Committee 4 (Application of the Commission’s Recommendations)

-          Donald Cool (Chair)

-          Nobuhiko Ban

-          François Bochud

-          Michael Boyd

-          Analia Canoba

-          David Copplestone

-          Eduardo Gallego

-          Kathryn Higley

-          Gillian Hirth

-          Toshimitsu Homma

-          Catrin Koch

-          Jean-François Lecomte

-          Yahong Mao

-          Nicole Martinez

-          Anne Nisbet

-          Thierry Schneider

-          Sergey Shinkarev

-          John Takala

As announced last November, ICRP is working to further integrate protection of people and the environment. To reflect this, Committees 1, 2, and 4 are taking on responsibilities in radiological protection of the environment formerly undertaken by Committee 5.

A decision was made to begin the term with a slightly smaller overall Committee membership than before. This will make it easier to take advantage of opportunities during the term to add a few members to include particular expertise, or to further improve geographical and gender balance.

Please note that a few members-elect are still in the process of accepting their invitations, so a few additions may still be made to the Committee membership listed above.

Questions can be directed to Kelsey Cloutier, ICRP Development and Communications Manager.