ICRP Committee Members for the 2021-2025 Term


ICRP is pleased to announce the names of the individuals who will serve on ICRP’s four standing Committees for the 2021-2025 term commencing 1 July 2021.

Committee membership is decided by the Main Commission through a voting process, considering many factors including the skills and experience needed for the coming term, gender balance, geographic diversity, and a healthy combination of experienced and new members.  

A requirement for at least 25% turnover helps ensure inclusiveness, diversity, and new perspectives. Between the 13 members of the Main Commission, and the 68 experts invited to serve on the Committees, 44% are new, going well beyond the minimum threshold.

For many years, ICRP has made strides to improve the gender equity and geographical diversity of its membership.

For the 2021-2025 term, gender equity in the Main Commission and Committees improved slightly to 31% female and 69% male, compared to 27% female and 73% male in the 2017-2021 term, with modest progress in every Committee. Geographical diversity increased significantly, with members coming from 25 countries, compared to 22 in the current term.

The individuals below will serve on ICRP Committees for the 2021-2025 term.  The work and dedication of these volunteers will undoubtedly play a major role in the review and revision of the System of Radiological Protection for the next generation.

Committee 1: Radiation Effects

Chair: Dominique Laurier

Christelle Adam-Guillermin

Elizabeth Ainsbury

Tamara Azizova

Christophe Badie

Dimitry Bazyka

Agnès Francois

Michael Hauptmann

Kotaro Ozasa

Manoor Prakash Hande

Preetha Rajaraman

David Richardson

Yoshiya Shimada

Mikhail Sokolnikov

Quanfu Sun

Ludovic Vaillant

Richard Wakeford

Gayle Woloschak

Committee 2: Doses from Radiation Exposure

Chair: Francois Bochud

Martin Andersson

Volodymyr Berkovskyy

Augusto Giussani

Chan Hyeong Kim

Derek Jokisch

Mukund Shrinivas Kulkarni

Stéphanie Lamart

Choonsik Lee

Junli Li

James Marsh

Francois Paquet

Nina Petoussi-Henss

María Antonia López Ponte

Denison de Souza Santos

Tatsuhiko Sato

Tracy Smith

Alexander Ulanowski

Committee 3: Radiological Protection in Medicine

Chair: Kimberly Applegate

Marie Claire Cantone

John Damilakis

Sandor Demeter

Makoto Hosono

Aurelie Isambert

Mika Kortesniemi

Mahadevappa Mahesh

Josep M Martí-Climent

Colin John Martin

Jin Chul Paeng

Claudia Elisabeth Ruebe

William Small

Åste Søvik

David George Sutton

Isabelle Thierry-Chef

Ivan Williams

Weihai Zhuo

Committee 4: Application of the Commission’s Recommendations

Chair: Thierry Schneider

Min Baek

Nobuhiko Ban

Yann Billarand

Julie Burtt

Analia Cecilia Canoba

Eduardo Gallego

Jacqueline Garnier-Laplace

Daniele Giuffrida

Catrin Bauréus Koch

Yahong Mao

Nicole Martinez

Andy Mayall

Anne Nisbet

Sergey Shinkarev

John Takala

Hiroko Yoshida

Friedo Zölzer


Questions and inquiries can be directed to Kelsey Cloutier, Development and Communications Manager for ICRP.