ICRP to Welcome Olga German as Deputy Scientific Secretary


We are pleased to annouce that Olga German will be joining the ICRP Scientific Secretariat in Ottawa, Canada later this fall as Deputy Scientific Secretary.

Ms. Olga German holds a PhD in Radiation Protection and Master’s Degree in Radioecology. Prior to joining ICRP, she worked for the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), dealing with the development of safety standards for the applications of the radiation protection system, and supporting the Member States in implementing the safety standards.

In recent years, Ms German served as Scientific Secretary for the International Nuclear Safety Advisory Group (INSAG) and Scientific Secretary for Coordination Group for Uranium Legacy Sites (CGULS). Some of her past experiences include Senior Inspector for Decommissioning at the Swedish Radiation Safety Authority (SSM), Senior Advisor on Environment and Radiation Protection at Vattenfall AB, Spent Nuclear Fuel Programme Coordinator at the Swedish Spent Nuclear and Radioactive Waste Management Company (SKB), and Project Manager at the Swedish Radiation Protection Authority (SSI, now SSM). Ms German represented the Swedish nuclear industry in several international fora, such as OECD-NEA CRPPH, WNA, EC, IAEA, FORATOM and NKS.

Welcome Olga!