Passing of Main Commission Emeritus Member Charles Meinhold


Charles B. Meinhold (1934-2017) was among the select few appointed as Emeritus Members of the ICRP Main Commission. This honorary life-long distinction, conferred only by unanimous agreement of the Main Commission, is an expression of appreciation for extraordinary contributions.

All who knew Charlie were saddened to learn of his passing on November 3rd, 2017.

His work with ICRP began in 1967, contributing to what would become ICRP Publication 15 Protection against Ionizing Radiation from External Sources. Soon thereafter, Charlie was a member (1973-1977) of ICRP Committee 3 on external exposure, and then Chair (1977-1985) of ICRP Committee 3 newly renamed 'Protection in medicine'. It was a testament to his breadth of expertise that he was also Chair (1985-1993) of ICRP Committee 2 on secondary limits, and Vice-Chair (1993-2001) of the Main Commission. Upon retirement from this latest position, he was appointed as an Emeritus Member of the Main Commission.

Charlie was also on the International Radiation Protection Association Executive Council (1984-1996), serving as Vice-President (1988-1992) and President (1992-1996).

In addition to his international work, Charlie was active at home in the US, serving on the National Council on Radiation Protection and Measurements (NCRP) from (1979-2002), and its third President (1991-2002).

Charlie will be missed by us all.

Please also see the In Memorium message from NCRP.