Open Symposium on Task Group 93 Consultation / TG93意見募集に関する公開シンポジウム


On 25 October 2019, ICRP and QST held an open symposium in Tokyo relating to the public consultation on the draft report “Radiological Protection of People and the Environment in the Event of a Large Nuclear Accident”. This draft had been developed by ICRP Task Group 93 over six years. The meeting venue was filled to capacity with about 120 people in attendance, demonstrating the high level of interest in this work.


Public consultation is an important part of developing all ICRP publications, allowing anyone to send comments directly to ICRP via a web-based consultation portal. Given the nature of this report, and the broad interest in Japan, ICRP extended the consultation period beyond the usual 90 days, and for the first time made special arrangements to accept comments in Japanese.


Video and presentations from the open symposium are available on the ICRP website.


It will take some time to review the more than 300 sets of comments received during the consultation, the most for any report for more than a decade. The document will be revised taking them into account, and will be published in Annals of the ICRP, possibly late next year.

一般意見募集にお寄せ頂いた300を超えるご意見は、過去10年以上における報告書に関する意見募集としては最も多い意見数となり、検討するのに時間がかかります。皆様から頂いたご意見を考慮した本報告書の改訂作業を、来年後半のAnnals of the ICRPとして出版できるよう、行ってまいります。