ICRP Working Group Meets in Paris


In 2003, former Main Commission member Annie Sugier sought to create a forum where all French members of ICRP would gather twice a year to not only discuss the internal work of ICRP, but also to meet with local stakeholders with interests in radiological protection. As such, the French ICRP Working Group (GT-CIPR) was officially formed.  At this forum, ICRP members educate and have discussions with professionals, authorities, and regulators about the latest work of all four of ICRP’s Committee’s and relevant Task Groups.

Supported by the French National Institute for Radiological Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN), chaired by ICRP Vice-Chair Jacques Lochard, and organised by Committee 4 Secretary Jean-François Lecomte, the latest installment of GT-CIPR took place on 16 May 2019.  Vice-Chair Lochard presented the latest summary from the Main Commission’s most recent meeting in Houston, Texas, while fellow Main Commission Member Dominique Laurier discussed the most recent work of Committee 1 on radiation detriment.  Sylvain Andresz, who worked closely with ICRP Committees at ICRP-ERPW 2017, shared information on behalf of Committee 4’s upcoming publication on NORM.

This is an excellent example of ICRP members working within their region to engage the broader radiological protection community.

For further information on recent and historical GT-CIPR biannual meetings, please visit IRSN’s website.  Questions or inquiries can be directed to Kelsey Cloutier, ICRP Development and Communications Manager